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Messi vs Ronaldo: Facts and Stats (Latest)

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May 5, 2013   ·  

How many discussions we’ve had about who is better- Messi or Ronaldo? How many banters we’ve had in this rivalry of Messi vs Ronaldo? People say stats speak and bring examples of Lionel Messi’s recent triumph over Cristiano Ronaldo interms of Ballon D’Or awards but is it the only thing that differentiates the class between Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo? I don’t think so, we don’t think so and many of football fans don’t think so!
Messi vs Ronaldo

We’re going to put upon Messi vs Ronaldo facts and stats to show you who is the better player in-terms of his statistics and facts in recent games and overall datas.

Lionel Messi:

This season:
Lionel Messi have had 36 appearances for Barcelona this season and he has scored 52 and 14 which is just phenomenal.If we look at his stats on the basis of his playing positions, he has appeared 35 times as a Central forward in which he scored 47 goals and assisted 13 times. He played just once as a right forward for Barcelona this season, only managing to score once. According to WhoScored.com, Lionel Messi appeared as a substitute for 5 times and scored only 5. He managed to get a rating of 7.23 which proves that he isn’t an effective player as a subsitute as he is while starting.

While talking about stats and facts, we definitely have to mention this: Lionel Messi has won 4 FIFA Ballon D’or awards which is 3 times more than Cristiano Ronaldo, which means he’s become FIFA’s world player of the year 3 times more than Cristiano Ronaldo! With Barcelona at overall, Lionel Messi has managed to appear 377 times in total for Barcelona scoring 311 goals which is just fantastic. It sums up to be 0.82 goals per game ratio for his career.If we talk about his international appearances, he has had 79 appearances managing to score 32 which sums up to be 0.42 goals per game which is not good stat for a player of his calibre.

Cristiano Ronaldo:

This season:
Cristiano Ronaldo is current Champions League top-scorer with 12 goals in 12 appearances. In La Liga, Cristiano Ronaldo managed to have 29 appearances and he scored 33 goals and assisted 8. If you look Cristiano Ronaldo interms of discipline, he’s bit weak in that manner. He has been yellow carded for 8 times in 41 appearances this season which is 7 more than Lionel Messi. In terms of playing positions, Cristiano Ronaldo has played 39 times as left attacking midfielder and has managed to score 42 goals and has assisted 7. As an substitute, he scored 1 and assisted 2 in 3 appearances. He can also play as left and central forward and has managed to play once in each role. He scored one each in those games too.  This proves that he’s more versatile player than Lionel Messi and also proves how efficient and needful player he’s.

Overall season:

For Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo has managed to have 196 appearances and has scored 199 goals which is more than 1 goal per game ratio. But, if we talk about his total games in club appearances in his career, he managed to have 519 appearances and scored only 322 goals which is just 0.62 goals per game. This is poor result in comparison to Messi’s record of 0.82 goals per game. Like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo also hasn’t fostered as an international player for Portugal. He only managed to have 102 appearances for Portugal and scored only 38 goals which sums up to be 0.37 goals per game (that is less than Messi’s record of 0.42 goals per game).
Comparison (Courtesy to WhoScored.com):
What differentiates Messi Vs Ronaldo? Here are weaknesses and strength of both the players!

Lionel Messi:


  • Key passes
  • Dribbling
  • Finishing
  • Long Shots
  • Passing
  • Direct free kicks
  • Through balls
  • Holding on to the ball
  • Discipline


  • Aerial Duels
  • Crossing
  • Defensive contribution

Cristiano Ronaldo


  • Long shots
  • Direct free kicks
  • Aerial Duels
  • Key passes
  • Through balls
  • Dribbling
  • Physical strength


  • Defensive contribution
  • Crossing

So, looking at these stats, who do you think is the better player? Messi Vs Ronaldo? Decide and comment!

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Readers Comments (72)

  1. Ron Fanai

    Only Messi

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    • frk

      this is not rite…messi is more versatile than ronaldo…..he changes his position in games according to situation….he can play left, right or centre forward in the game…..he continously changes its position during the game that makes him more versatile….

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      • Anonymous

        true to me Messi is awesome

        Reply »
    • diego

      This is a not endind story. Its so clear how messi is the best player of the world he always superior on goals assists and basic stats then CR7. What pisses me the fuck off is that all the anit-messis always seem to forget that messi has won the last 4 golden balls :)Now ill give CR7 credit he is an exceptional player who is alot of help to real madrid and can change things any minute but the only problem i have with him is that he thinks he is better then god. Im sorry i meant to say messi. To be honest people im just so thankful with god for letting me live this time a year and see messi do history if i die tomorrow its ok. “VIVA LA MESSI”

      Reply »
  2. Dlord

    Messi of course

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  3. toto


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  4. Yustan

    No Messi,but Christiano is best player in the world this season :)

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  5. Joe

    Ronaldo is the best way better than that crappy messi

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    • Ste

      Yeah, those 46 goals in 32 matches is crap. Messi has been better than Ronaldo for years and is a lot younger. Even comparisons against the two nowadays is a joke.

      Before anyone jumps in with an idiotic view that Messi is surrounded by players have higher quality take a look at Benzema, Di Maria, Ozil and Alonso. If you honestly believe they aren’t world class then don’t even bother commenting on any football discussions. You don’t know a thing.

      Ronaldo is the second best player in the world by honours and statistics alone. There isn’t any factual basis to state otherwise. I am certainly not a fanboy of either but the facts speak for themselves.

      Reply »
    • Ron

      I think you do not understand football at all.

      Reply »
      • Ron

        Dear Mr. Joe, you don’t know football at all. It is better you just stop commenting in any football discussions.

        Reply »
  6. amstrong


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  7. bravooo....

    messii……..long shots????

    Reply »
  8. Pranish Lama

    messi The legend

    Reply »
    • taha

      messi the legend hahahahaha ronaldo is the best, in 2003 2004 2005 2006 he played football like it was a piece of cake and defenders feared his name besides ronaldo is more mannered than messi while talking to people so he is the legend i respect messi to but ronaldo is 5 times better than messi

      Reply »
      • Ste

        You do realise it’s 2013? Messi was young then and Ronaldo didn’t start hitting prime until far later than Messi has come through.

        Since 2009 Messi hasn’t been touched unfortunately. I’m pretty sure that’s a troll comment with the mannerisms comparison and since Messi has won 5 Ballon d’Or to Ronaldo’s 1, that would pretty much mean Messi is more close to being “5” times the player Ronaldo is haha. Do we just ignore that and say the most prestigious award you can get in football is farcical? Idiots.

        Reply »
        • ronandmess

          You got all wrong first off all i am a ronaldo fan but im not stupid enough to se that messi is great but the same goes for ronaldo. Second ronaldo is a winger messi is a striker messi “must” score more goals than ronaldo but ronaldo who is a winger is always behind messi thats shouldn’t even do more than 20 goals per season thats how great ronaldo is.third now we take a look at Barcelonas way at playing is way easier for messi to score than ronaldo, messi way to score (not always but many times) is that the team help him as for mostly they targeting iniesta and xavi but ronaldo (once again not always but mostly) do more solo goals as for shooting, freekick, headers and more. Fourth messi won many ballondoros because people “like” him more then ronaldo thats why messi may be one of the best player in the history but ronaldo is the most complete player in the history and thats what people want to se more in the future thanks and is stupid to like only 1 when there’s 2 artist dont you think :)

          Reply »
          • gun powder

            lemme tell u smthing ma bg bra one of the biggest reason why real madrid ceo dont lyk cr7 is his selfshnessy playin style of conguering the foward position and take tha full controll as if he’s da only one to play thr yl tc a place 4 higuan n benzema to score then huw could u say that he’s a winger…check to the other sites for the best living winger around if u gon c whether ur player will b there…automatically messi is undeniably one of the illest football players of all tym in the same group of maradona and german international…u olready knw wat i mean

          • asensoelect

            I’m happy you said the winger didn’t score more than the striker but I can tell you the striker assisted more than the winger.

        • REIGN


          Reply »
      • Mehran

        i agree 2 u MR ronaldo is the best no parallel of him in soccer

        Reply »
  9. nick

    so a guy who almost equals messi every term, doesn not have a trait of finishing, from here i see an idiot wrote this article, secondly for a guy who assisted 3 less than messi doesn not get the passing recognition, again idiot. add to my attention when does messi defend, and how does ronaldo lack defencive qualities whenat corners he is the first guy to ensure the ball is secured away from his goal, he tracks back more than messi, but honestly u cant expect the guy to be all over the pitch.

    why dont you add Ronaldo scores with both feet, messi only 1 footed.

    the reason for this is u are an idiot who doesn watch football, to analyse all aspects of the game, u just a retard taken by the media who insist messi is better so u will reduce ronaldos abilities.

    i really dont care about ronaldo and messi, both are equally poised, jus ronaldo is complete.

    Who ever compares people in football aint a lover of football, they are idiots who wanna look at two players. next time you watch a game, put on sunderland vs stoke, westham vs spurs… watch quality. watch passes, creativity, agility, team balance, composure. then debate about the team on that day

    in my eyes what messi does gareth bale does, is he the greatest NO, WHY? coz the media is not up his ass like messi and ronaldo

    Reply »
    • Barun Pandey

      Thanks for replying. You haven’t read the post completely, just yet. I’ve written “Comparison (Courtesy to WhoScored.com)”
      That means that the comparison of Strength and Weaknesses is copied from WhoScored.com not written by me. I just wrote the stats.

      Reply »
    • whoever

      professional coaches, captains and ex players rate messi as the world’s best hence he was awarded the ballon d’or. in what right mind sir is what youre saying even valid when youre simply a nobody without any formal education (within the game ofcourse) thus to put it rather bluntly your opinion doesnt matter, “you idiot”

      Reply »
      • neil

        hu r u to call someone idiot u dumbo…m not a fan of either ronaldo or messi but wat i can say from watching the whole 2013 season of la liga i infer messi is a world class player but ronaldo is better cuz he is a wing but he manages to score 199 goals in 196 appearances as compared to messi who is a CF..ronaldo covers more ground than messi..i would be delighted if u could prove me wrong

        Reply »
        • mickys

          well said bro

          Reply »
    • Nkrumah

      F#@k u,coz u wrte ur comnt under angry condtion,while urself dnt knw..

      Reply »
      • Nkrumah

        Sry man i mean “nick”

        Reply »
  10. ne umi

    Ronaldo good in Dribbling ? ? He ranks around Nr. 200 in dribbling and is no good dribbler at all. He can beat ONE guy with his speed, but never 2,3 or four people like Messi…

    Reply »
    • guy

      are you f’in serious?!? Ronaldo shits on messi in dribbling. Ronaldo can beat a person 1 on 1 you are totally right. Watch any messi video and you’ll see he can’t beat anyone 1 on 1. He always makes moves when receiving passes or just changes his direction to beat people. Ronaldo can be stopped and still manage to get around some1, messi is too slow to do that so he relies on Xavi and Iniesta to dish him passes to make him look as good as he does.

      Reply »
      • Ste

        Can’t beat anyone one on one? Just scored one of the greatest goals in history against Getefe? Pretty sure there was more than a few instances in that one goal alone that proves you are talking out of your arse.

        When comparing dribbling people tend to just look at skills or tricks. Ronaldo has plenty, it also is his downfall that Messi doesn’t have. Can you remember a game where Messi tried to do too many step overs and got put in his arse and lost possession? I can remember quite a few from Ronaldo.

        Reply »
  11. Aziz Motaleb

    If you compare Real madrids playing style to Barcelona’s it makes sense for Messi to have more assists than ronaldo. Overall Both Players are highly influential for both club and country. But both players have managed to fit into their different playing styles. Both Players are undeniably World Class. It does not take one player to win a game or a competition, It takes a team to do so. If Ronaldo and Messi Played for the same club and the same country, a proper/fair analysis could be made. In my opinion, neither player is better than the other, as they are both Great players.

    Reply »
  12. Aziz Motaleb

    If you compare Real madrids playing style to Barcelona’s it makes sense for Messi to have more assists than ronaldo. Overall Both Players are highly influential for both club and country. But both players have managed to fit into their different playing styles. Both Players are undeniably World Class. It does not take one player to win a game or a competition, It takes a team to do so. If Ronaldo and Messi Played for the same club and the same country, a proper/fair analysis could be made. In my opinion, neither player is better than the other, as they are both Great players.

    Reply »
  13. Adam Kidholm

    Frankly, I find this article very biased and unserious, which is a shame to the whole Messi-Ronaldo-debate. The writer clearly tries to highlight Messi as the superior using manipulating phrases like “…which is just phenomenal” and “…which is just fantastic” about Messi – those words aren’t used about Ronaldo… one wonders. Also, mentioning Messi’s four Ballon d’Ors as an argument doesn’t make any sense; this article is about hard facts and statistics about goals, efficiency and soforth – it’s about looking behind all their individual awards and try to justify them. Thus, the writer uses a circular argument.

    As I read along, I was thrilled when I saw the categorical list of strengthes and weaknesses, because this kind of comparison often gives a good overview and paints a very clear, indeniable picture. But, no, not in this article:

    Since when has Messi become an expert at free kicks? It’s only within the past few years that he has proved threatening on this point, whereas Ronaldo has been notoriously feared for his “rocket free kicks” ever since his early years in Manchester. Naming “long shots” as one of Messi’s competencies is also nonsense: 85,7 % of his 91 goals last year was scored inside the box, the average length from which he scored was 13,5 metres. Moreover, it disturbs me that “finishing” isn’t one of Ronaldo’s strengthes – but I suppose that’s just a mistake. And please elaborate what the major difference between “passing”, “key passes” and “through balls” is? This division of the category “passes” into three subsections seems to me like an unthorough attempt to assign Messi more competencies. If so, why stop there? Then the writer should also have sub-categorized “shooting” into “prefered foot” and “weak foot”. Here, Ronaldo clearly has the upper-hand.

    Furthermore, I don’t think it makes sense looking at discipline in this context. The fact that Ronaldo has received more warnings than Messi is simply because he’s more aggressive and works harder defensively. Though, the writer still places lack of “defensive contribution” as a weakness of Ronaldo, and not Messi. The Portuguese perpetrates way more tackles and always contributes to defend on the opponent’s corner kicks. Last but not least, “aerial duels” aren’t Messi’s only physical lack. In almost everything that has to do with physics, Ronaldo is superior to Messi. He’s faster without the ball, watch some of the many YouTube videoes showing his capability of long sprints, he’s way stronger than Messi and runs longer more during a match, believe it or not. According to UEFA.com, Ronaldo has covered 94 km during the CL and Messi 63 km in the same amount of minutes played.

    Reply »
  14. Adam Kidholm

    This would be my version of the categories and subcategories.

    Technique – dribbling, ball control,
    Physics – strength, distance coverage, acceleration, speed without ball,
    Shooting – finishing, long shots, weak foot, free kicks, heading
    Defensive work – tackling, ball winning
    Passing – through balls, crossing,

    Reply »
  15. Barun Pandey

    Thanks for replying. Well, I’ve mentioned Cristiano Ronaldo being more versatile than Lionel Messi too, which of-course contributes to him being a better player. Then again, Lionel’s scoring record is better and is magnificent. The argument can be taken in any direction, and the theme of this post also can be taken in any direction. I don’t want to be biased in the article and about defensive contribution, it was a small fault by me not to include the same defensive contribution (as an weakness) in Lionel Messi and I apologize for that.

    Reply »
  16. jhala10

    Messi is a way bettrr team player than ronaldo. He knows when to pass n to whom, ronaldo is definitely an amazing player too with the ball, but his game play is selfish. Players like messi can bring the whole team together in a game

    Reply »
  17. jhala10

    And where is messi’s Sprint??? isnt his Sprint his main strength?

    Reply »
  18. jaleel

    messi <3

    Reply »
  19. benjamin

    Based on ur stats messi is the best,even on influence as a substitute.messi can score with both his legs,

    Reply »
  20. edgar

    Ronaldo is the best player in the world I don’t know how some people think dumb Messi is better.

    Reply »
    • Ste

      5 Ballon d’Or awards and counting. He’ll have a record that will possibly never be broken in footballing history.

      Reply »
  21. Fazlurrahman Mushaffiq

    Ronaldo all the way !!

    Reply »
  22. Ben

    I think ronaldo is better than messi.
    Because messi has win just 4 FIFA world player of the year awards. But ronaldo has won all people’s heart in the world.

    Reply »
    • Bambambigilo

      You are an idiot . How do you know ronaldo has won everyone’s heart?so BASELESS

      Reply »
  23. XxX

    Ronaldo is better than messi.

    Ronaldo has scored more goal (above1 goals per game)than messi (0.8 goals per game) in la liga

    Reply »
    • Ste

      46 goals in 32 games isn’t a 0.8 record. If you are looking across their entire record then there isn’t a comparison to draw. Messi started and stayed at Barca while Ronaldo joined La Liga from Man U while already in his prime.

      If you followed Ronaldo so much you’d realise from 2003/2004 to 2005/2006 while at Man U he made very little impact. So roughly around the same season both players started to develop and since Messi is younger and the stats, facts and achievements speak for themselves, your stats are irrelevant.

      Reply »
  24. Jubby

    Messi % who criticize dis man is madness nd if u ar a footbaler pls judge it very wel. MESSIANO

    Reply »
  25. Rabeeh

    Ronaldo is better than messi

    Reply »
  26. siddhant sitoula

    its messi dude

    Reply »
  27. mike

    This is a bait messi fan to whoever wrote this because, Ronaldo has good finishing and can cross better than messi because he played on the wing and messi played centre field. Overall Ronaldo won more trophies than messi

    Reply »
  28. Zoras

    Dnt judge them by wtchng shity websites..u can find who is better in wikipedia …messi ve won more trophies than ronaldo..messi is leading the whole football game..even the great pele also dosnt ve 4 balon’d or …evryone knws messi is da best..no need to discuss..i respect ronaldo but comparing wid messi…lionel messi is da no.1

    Reply »
  29. Jamie

    Sorry, but I don’t understand how anyone can view Ronaldo as being better. Every time I watch him, he either holds onto the ball too long, flops [and cries when he doesn’t get a call], or has his own team and fans mad at him. I don’t even keep up with each team that much, but it’s a pretty easy argument to say Messi is better. More goals, more assits, more golden balls, less years of experience. All these people saying Ronaldo are more than welcome to sit back and enjoy the diving on the ground flop fest. I’ll enjoy Messi’s dominance.

    Reply »
  30. new species

    i see. . So altough Messi has won 4 times best player in the world, he never won people hearts? Ronaldo has won people hearts? By what? Hey bro, i’m a fan of ronaldo btw,, but i know that Messi has grown into badass player than my favorite (cr7). It doesn’t bother me at all,, i’ll always a fan of Ronaldo. But messi now is better than ronaldo.. It doesnt make me love messi now. But 4 ballon d’or is not a platini’s joke u know.

    Reply »
  31. Le Ghisco

    Ronaldo:i scored against chelsea in a friendly.
    Messi: and so?
    Ronaldo: what do u mean by that?
    Messi: did you score hatrick against brazil?
    Messi: against arsenal
    Ronaldo: No
    messi: against REAL MADRID(barca in ur own case)
    Messi: tell me 1 big team u’ve scored hatrick against
    Ronaldo: No one
    Messi: how many assist do u have for portugal
    Ronaldo:maybe 4 or 5 and you?
    Messi:32 assist and who has bin having d highest goals and attempt since 2008?
    Ronaldo: you
    Messi:who has scored against every nineteen team in a league consecutively?
    Messi: who has scored 5 goals in a ucl match
    Ronaldo: you
    Messi: who has scored 91 goals in a calendar year
    Messi: who has won the ballon’d’or 4 times in a row
    Ronaldo: its you. . Please stop asking me all this. .
    Messi: i scored 2 goals in our 1st match of the season. How many did u score?
    Ronaldo: Ahh Messi don’t tell me that u did not see my bicycle kick against Real Betis.
    Messi: i hv won the olympics & u20 world cup 4 Argentina,hw many do u hv 4 Portugal?
    Ronaldo: still hoping.
    Messi:then why do ur fans say u are the best?
    Ronaldo.: because i scored against chelsea in a friendly LOL.

    Reply »
    • Messiano

      Nice… Lol

      Reply »
    • Shane

      Ronaldo. Have you ever played for another club
      Messi. No
      Ronaldo. Have you ever played in a different league
      Messi. No
      Ronaldo well when you have and scored over 30 goals. Do one
      Messi. Ok good point but if I go can I take xavi and iniesta with me to make me look good.
      Ronaldo. No. I done it at hnited and didn’t need anyone to help me. So prove you can do it on your own
      Messi. But I don’t want to I want to win the ballon d’jour again I won’t with out them.

      Reply »
  32. Messiano

    Messi all the way and u know it

    Reply »
  33. asensoelect

    From what I read in your article, Messi as a substitute has scored 5 out of 5 that is a 1 goal per game, and Ronaldo has scored 1 out of 3 which is 0.333, but you’ve suggested Ronaldo as a good substitute than messi which is wrong. Messi played 32 games in Laliga with 46 goals(1.44 per game) but Ronaldo played 34 laliga games and had 34 goals (1 per game). Messi made 12 assist out of the 32 games and Ronaldo managed 10 out of the 34. Dude! check your stats very well.

    Reply »
  34. Cris Abhi


    Reply »
  35. Shane

    Messi is world class no doubt. Bit Ronaldo has proven his worth in two leagues messi has done it in one. So for me Ronaldo. Messi is more a team player than Ronaldo but Ronaldo has more to offer I’m terms of where he can play. If messi was in the premier league he wouldn’t be as good as what Ronaldo was. No matter what stats you pull no one will ever decide who is better its all just opinions.

    Reply »
  36. AMW

    let the stats do the talking as there is no measure to human judgement, MESSI IS BETTER THAN ronaldo.

    Reply »
  37. Nkosiyabo Nleya

    In response to ur comment, i would lyk 2 sai that firstly,playerz are compared on productivity. If CR7 is a winger then he ‘must’ have more assists than Messi. Basing your argument on that means we have 2 hav 4 Ballon d Or categories i.e keeperz, strikerz e.t.c. Messi iz better than Cristiano Ronaldo, he scorez 50+ goals a season, breaks records. Even thou he iz a winger-turned-striker he still manages more assists than ur best attacking midfielderz. He has improved his freekick taking and no longer uses power for goals. David Beckham was quoted saying “even an injured Messi iz the best in the world”. Goez 2 show hz unparalleled genious.

    Reply »
  38. Anonymous


    Reply »
  39. Lila

    Messi is good but compairing to Ronaldo he is a little star…

    Reply »
  40. jadigalus

    messi or Ronaldo (MESSI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    Reply »
    • Anonymous


      Reply »
  41. Wonderful

    People, This is the serious issue.For me,Messi is the best bcoz he is a polite guy,he also plays with confidence.Ronaldo is good but he is selfish in terms of marking and also he plays with pride.Messi wii be the best till he retires from football.

    Reply »
  42. Mustapha

    Cris is the better.He is a realy man

    Reply »
  43. Abbas rajabi

    مسی شخصیتی است بسیار خفن تا بسوزند طرفداران رونالدو از زور دادگی.خدانگهدار

    Reply »
  44. Gi

    Messi is good but ronaldo is much much much more better in the world all my friend said so

    Reply »

# Team MP W D L G P
1 Chelsea 22 16 4 2 +32 52
2 Manchester City 22 14 5 3 +23 47
3 Southampton 22 13 3 6 +21 42
4 Manchester United 22 11 7 4 +15 40
5 Arsenal 22 11 6 5 +14 39
6 Tottenham Hotspur 22 11 4 7 +2 37
7 West Ham United 22 10 6 6 +10 36
8 Liverpool 22 10 5 7 +4 35
9 Swansea City 22 8 6 8 -4 30
10 Stoke City 22 8 5 9 -4 29
11 Newcastle United 22 7 6 9 -9 27
12 Everton 22 5 8 9 -4 23
13 Crystal Palace 22 5 8 9 -8 23
14 West Bromwich Albion 22 5 7 10 -9 22
15 Aston Villa 22 5 7 10 -14 22
16 Sunderland 22 3 11 8 -14 20
17 Burnley 22 4 8 10 -15 20
18 Hull City 22 4 7 11 -10 19
19 Queens Park Rangers 22 5 4 13 -16 19
20 Leicester City 22 4 5 13 -14 17

# Team MP W D L G P
1 Real Madrid 19 16 0 3 +48 48
2 Barcelona 20 15 2 3 +45 47
3 Atlético Madrid 20 14 2 4 +21 44
4 Valencia 20 12 5 3 +20 41
5 Sevilla 19 12 3 4 +11 39
6 Villarreal 20 11 5 4 +16 38
7 Málaga 20 9 5 6 +2 32
8 Eibar 20 7 6 7 -2 27
9 Espanyol 20 7 5 8 -4 26
10 Rayo Vallecano 20 7 2 11 -15 23
11 Real Sociedad 20 5 7 8 -4 22
12 Celta de Vigo 20 5 6 9 -4 21
13 Athletic Club 20 5 5 10 -10 20
14 Getafe 20 5 5 10 -12 20
15 Córdoba 20 3 9 8 -14 18
16 Deportivo La Coruña 20 4 6 10 -17 18
17 Elche 20 4 5 11 -23 17
18 Almería 20 4 4 12 -16 16
19 Levante 20 3 7 10 -22 16
20 Granada 20 2 9 9 -20 15

# Team MP W D L G P
1 Bayern München 17 14 3 0 +37 45
2 Wolfsburg 17 10 4 3 +16 34
3 Bayer Leverkusen 17 7 7 3 +8 28
4 Borussia M'gladbach 17 7 6 4 +9 27
5 Schalke 04 17 8 3 6 +7 27
6 Augsburg 17 9 0 8 +1 27
7 Hoffenheim 17 7 5 5 +4 26
8 Hannover 96 17 7 3 7 -5 24
9 Eintracht Frankfurt 17 6 5 6 +0 23
10 Paderborn 17 4 7 6 -5 19
11 Köln 17 5 4 8 -6 19
12 Mainz 05 17 3 9 5 -4 18
13 Hertha BSC 17 5 3 9 -11 18
14 Hamburger SV 17 4 5 8 -10 17
15 Stuttgart 17 4 5 8 -12 17
16 Werder Bremen 17 4 5 8 -13 17
17 Borussia Dortmund 17 4 3 10 -8 15
18 Freiburg 17 2 9 6 -8 15

# Team MP W D L G P
1 Juventus 20 15 4 1 +35 49
2 Roma 20 12 6 2 +18 42
3 Napoli 20 10 6 4 +11 36
4 Lazio 20 10 4 6 +13 34
5 Sampdoria 20 8 10 2 +8 34
6 Fiorentina 20 8 7 5 +9 31
7 Genoa 20 7 7 6 +3 28
8 Palermo 20 6 9 5 +0 27
9 Udinese 20 7 6 7 -2 27
10 Internazionale 20 6 8 6 +3 26
11 Milan 20 6 8 6 +3 26
12 Sassuolo 20 5 10 5 -4 25
13 Torino 20 6 7 7 -4 25
14 Hellas Verona 20 6 6 8 -10 24
15 Atalanta 20 4 8 8 -10 20
16 Empoli 20 3 10 7 -7 19
17 Cagliari 20 4 7 9 -11 19
18 Chievo 20 4 6 10 -10 18
19 Cesena 20 2 6 12 -21 12
20 Parma 20 3 1 16 -24 9