Top three fastest running players (quickest) in La Liga

We take a look at the quickest (fastest running players) in La Liga. We’ve made a list of top 3 quickest (fastest running players)  here: 

fastest running footballers

Ronaldo is fastest running footballer in La Liga!

3) Jordi Alba: Jordi Alba- Barcelona’s full back- is placed at third in the list. He runs at the speed of 33.25 km/h(20.66 mph). His natural position is left back but can settle himself in position of midfielder. He joined Valencia at €6,000 deal and left for Barcelona at €14m.

2) Jesus Navas: Jesus Navas runs at a speed of 33.35 kph or 20.72 mph. Product of Sevilla FC youth academy, 27 year old winger, Jesus Navas plays both for Sevilla and Spain. He’s one team man who’s played for his childhood club till the moment.

1) Cristiano Ronaldo : Cristiano Ronaldo is the quickest and is ranked first in fastest running players’ list. He is first with the maximum speed of  34 kph(21.17 mph) according toStar Sports TV. He’s been world’s record bargain  with €93.9 million transfer fee 3 seasons ago.