Relationship between two Chelsea legends: Bobby Tambling and Frank Lampard

Frank Lampard is now just a goal away to match Bobby Tambling’s record of 202 goals in Chelsea shirt. But there’s no rivalry in between them as Bobby Tambling wants his record to be beaten and also beaten by Frank Lampard as the Chelsea legend reckons Lampard to be the best to have played for the Chelsea shirt. We discuss the relationship between two Chelsea legends: Bobby Tambling and Frank Lampard!

Frank Lampard and Bobby Tambling

When Frank Lampard scored his 200th Chelsea goal, Frank’s first thought was to pick up the telephone and contact Bobby Tambling, the only other person to have reached that landmark in the club’s 108-year history. Tambling has been suffering from Martorelli’s ulcer, a painful leg condition and had been admitted to hospital for three months, but there is one thing he never fails to do however much ill he is, and that’s watching Chelsea’s game. This is how much he loves Chelsea Football Club.

Here’s a interview of Bobby Tambling with Telegraph:

Bobby Tambling : “It was lovely to hear from Frank. Ever since this problem has started, I’ve spoken to Frank a number of times. I’ve been in bed for the last three months so I’ve got to rehabilitate myself to standing up and getting back to walking.

“I’ve done a bit of that today and you feel a bit heady and giddy. I’ve been fairly bad but everyone who is coming to see me has realised that I have made big strides back to better health.

“Frank is always asking how I am and telling me to get well soon. He tells me to stay positive, take my time and that I will get better. He is a complete gentlemen and he knows that it has been a long haul.”

“If you take what Frank has done personally and then add in what Chelsea have done as a team in the last 10 years, he must surely go down not just as one of the greats but probably the greatest player Chelsea has had.

“This has been the greatest Chelsea team ever. He thinks like a striker, performs like a striker.

“I think that he will certainly get to the record now. At different times, people thought, ‘this guy could do it’. We all thought Kerry Dixon was going to do it but I believed from four or five years ago that Frank would be the one.”

The relationship couldn’t get any better when Frank Lampard told that his 200th goal was indeed dedicated to Chelsea legend Bobby Tambling.

Frank Lampard might break Bobby Tambling’s long-time unbroken record, but even if he does, it’s sure that the happiest man in the world would be Bobby Tambling himself!

Bobby Tambling

Bobby Tambling cried when he made an appearance to Stamford Bridge pitch on the half time and all the crowd present their chanted his name! A legend never fails to disappoint. Legendary moment!