Manchester United lying? A story on attendance at Old Trafford

The news is unproved story in one of the social sites. doesn’t ensure our readers about the authenticity of this news story.

Recent researches have alleged Manchester United for lying about the presence of supporters coming to the home matches for Manchester United.

Old Trafford- Manchester United

It is said that United are giving false numbers to the media regarding the no. of presence in United’s home games. The British police and researchers are doing a research on all teams in Premier League, to find out the total attendance in the games played at England. The result of this research will be posted soon according to the officials.

A British official was quoted saying: “We come to know that Manchester United have been lying about the attendance. The example taken is their match against Cluj in Champions League last December. They reported an attendance of 71,521 which was completely false since the attendance was just 46,894.

Do you think this news is true? Do you think United are recording false attendance?